Napa Valley Salad

Chef’s Daily Harvest Soup With Side Baguette cup 5 - bowl 7
French Onion Soup Gratinee 7
New England Clam Chowder 8
Butternut Squash Bisque 8
Sautéed Portobello Mushrooms 9.95

Specially marinated with a light burgundy reduction sauce.

Pate A La Maison 10.95

Frank’s famous chicken liver pate served with Dijon mustard and baguette slices.

Cold Poached Salmon 10.95

With fresh dill and garlic; served with dijonnaise sauce.

Oven Baked Brie 11.95

Amish brie served warm with apple slices.

Frank & Betsie's Crab Cake 11.95

Cheasapeake-style crab cake served with our Remoulade sauce.

Create Your Own Omelette 7.95

Our special omelette served with a side baguette.

Choice Of Extra Ingredients (Please Specify): 1.00 Each
Swiss, Cheddar, Mozzarella Or Feta Cheese,
Ham, Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes, Spinach, Broccoli, Bell Peppers

Egg White Omelette 8.95

Choice Of Extra Ingredients (Please Specify): 1.00 Each
Swiss, Cheddar, Mozzarella or Feta Cheese,
Ham, Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes, Spinach, Broccoli, Bell Peppers

Grand Caesar Festivale
Caesar Salad 9 Appetizer 5

Suggested Add Ons:

Grilled Chicken, Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Shrimp, Cold Poached Salmon or
Avocado and Walnuts

All Hail Kale 12 Appetizer 6

Chopped Green Kale with vine-ripened tomatoes, smoked bacon, homemade croutons, parmesan cheese and tossed with our Caesar Dressing

Not Too Hungry? 12 Appetizer 6

Petite Ceaser salad served with a cup of the chef's daily harvest soup 11.95

Substitute French Onion Soup, New England Clam Chowder or Butternut Squash Bisque 13.95

Add On

Tri-Color Rotini Pasta, Tomatoes, Carrots, Mushrooms, Cucumbers, Dried Cranberries, Red Onions,
Chopped Walnuts Or Chopped Bacon - 1 Each

Crumbled Maytag Bleu Cheese, Feta Cheese, Broccoli Or Chopped - 2 Each

Artichoke Hearts, Hearts Of Palm Or Half California Avocado - 3 Each

Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Shrimp Or Cold Poached Salmon - 5 Each

Grilled Beef Tenderloin - 10

A $3 Plate charge will be added to requested split items.

All items upon availability - prices subject to change without notice.


Our Salads feature house made dressing and whenever possible local produce.

Recommending Our House Made Gourmet Caesar Vinaigrette Or Our French Terragon Balsamic Vinaigrette Or Honey French, Honey Mustard, Creamy Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island Or Raspberry Vinaigrette.

All Salads come with a side of our French baguette and tossed with our Famous Gourmet Caesar Salad Dressing unless otherwise specified.

My Wife's Favorite Salad 13.95

Combination of Great Lakes lettuce and Romaine lettuce tossed with grilled lemon chicken , sliced tomato wedges, red bell peppers, English cucumbers, artichoke hearts, chopped pecans and crumbled Feta cheese, with our Balsamic Vinaigrette on the side.

Frank And Betsie's Cobb Salad 12.95

Romaine lettuce tossed with grilled chicken breast, tomato, smoked bacon, crumbled Maytag bleu cheese, avocado, chopped hard-boiled egg and shredded cheddar cheese with our creamy Bleu cheese dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Salad 13.95

Combanation of Romaine and California Mixed Greens and spicey buffalo chicken strips, chopped celery, jullenne red peppers, shredded carrots, crumbled Maytag bleu cheese, sliced avocado, with our creamy Bleu cheese dressing on the side.

Talk Of The Town 11.95

One scoop each of our best... tuna salad, chicken salad olivieh and artichoke salad.

Pasta Provencal 11.95

Tri-color rotini pasta with grilled chicken breast, red bell peppers, black olives, tomato, broccoli, cucumber and grated romano cheese.

Salade a la Nicoise 14.95

Plain light tuna and Lyonnaise potatoes on a bed of combination romaine and head lettuce: garnished with green beans, tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs (all romaine 1.00).

Exotic Salad 11.95

Romaine and head lettuce, artichoke hearts, tomato, black olives, cucumber, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, tri-color rotini pasta, turkey breast and grated romano cheese (all romaine 1.00).

Salade a la Maison 11.95

Combination of romaine and head lettuce, heart of palm, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, tomato, cucumber, black olives, Lyonnaise potato, turkey breast and grated romano cheese (all romaine 1.00).

Napa Valley Salad 11.95

California mixed greens tossed with chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, tomato wedges, crumbled Maytag bleu cheese, artichoke hearts and sweet red onion; tossed with our home-made Balsamic dressing.

Grilled Vegetable Chicken Salad 13.95

A combination of eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, red pepper, tomato, portobello mushroom, fennel and grated romano cheese with boneless breast of chicken specially marinated and grilled; chopped and tossed with romaine lettuce and our home-made Caesar dressing.

Tomato Broccoli Quiche

All sandwiches are available on our freshly baked french bread. All entrees are served with a side baguette and all sandwiches and entrees include a choice of our side caesar salad or soup du jour.

Quiche Du Jour 11.95

Fresh Quiche of the day.

Poisson Du Jour Market

Fresh selection of the fish of the day.

Chicken Dijon 15.95

Breast of chicken sautéed with fresh broccoli, Herbs de Provence and dijon sauce.

Beef and Celery Stew 15.95

Tender pieces of meat and chopped celery hearts with carmelized Spanish onions in a rich tomato sauce; recommended with our Basmati rice

Cold Sandwiches
Chicken Salad Olivieh 11.95

Fresh whole chicken combined with potato, hard-boiled egg, home-made mayonnaise, dijon mustard, black olives, walnuts, fresh dill and herbs.

Tuna Salad 11.95 melted add - 1.00

Light tuna with fresh dill, raisins, walnuts and home-made mayonnaise.

California Turkey Club 11.95 add avocado - 1.00

Turkey breast, bacon, lettuce and tomato with a choice of mayonnaise and/or dijon mustard.


Hot Sandwiches
Chicken BLT 13.95

Grilled marinated chicken breast with bacon, lettuce and tomato; please specify mayonnaise and/or dijon mustard.

Chicken Delight 13.95

Chicken breast sautéed with white wine and topped with mushrooms and melted swiss.

Chicken Mexicana 13.95

South of the Border spices, melted cheddar, red onion and tomatoes.


All Panini sandwiches are accompanied with a choice of Soup du Jour or Side Caesar Salad.

All Paninis are served on a choice of our multi-grain bread or sourdough bread. Please specify.

Croque Monsieur Panini 11.95

American Version of The French Classic --
Grilled sliced ham and swiss sandwich with home-made mayonnaise and/or dijon mustard

Add chicken breast to the above for the American version

Malibu Club Panini 11.95

Turkey breast, tomato, bacon and mozzarella cheese with a choice of home-made mayonnaise and/or dijon mustard

Marin County Vegetarian Panini 11.95

Marinated portobello mushrooms, leaf spinach, tomato and roasted red peppers with swiss cheese and dijon mustard

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Panini 11.95

Cheddar, swiss and mozzarella cheeses with sliced tomato, smoked bacon, home-made mayonnaise and/or dijon mustard

La Costa Chicken Panini 13.95

Lemon chicken breast seasoned with rosemary, sage and thyme with artichoke hearts, home-made mayonnaise and/or dijon mustard and parmigiano-reggiano cheese on sour dough bread.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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